May 18, 2024
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Are you a senior secondary school student who has successfully registered for the WAEC exam? If so, your top priority should be passing the test. Just so you know, if you don’t take the right approach to preparing for the WAEC, carrying around various textbooks and WAEC practise questions won’t help you at all.

Due to this, I will explain to you in this blog post how to easily pass your WAEC exam either by reading or without reading. All of my students, who were once in your position as well, have been saved by what I’m about to share with you.

Please note that I did not write this post to teach you unethical methods for passing the WAEC. Instead, it will act as a manual for how to study effectively in order to pass the WAEC exam. In this post, I’ll also address some inquiries that students frequently have regarding the WAEC SSCE and GCE tests. After saying that, let’s begin!

Is WAEC challenging to pass?

First off, I firmly believe that no exam can be passed if you prepare for it and maintain a positive outlook. The WAEC exam is the easiest to pass compared to JAMB, NECO, others if you can devote the necessary time and effort to studying and preparing for it.

So, how does one properly prepare for WAEC?

Ways to Pass WAEC

If you want to pass your WAEC, you should follow these 12 steps both before and during the test:

1. Get a head start on exam preparation.

Similar to the tortoise and the hare stories, letting your goals slide could put you at a disadvantage. Similar to this, your chances of success are low if you wait until the WAEC exam is almost here before you begin studying.

Have you ever wondered why some of the class’s brightest students don’t end up with the highest WAEC scores? This is due to the fact that they frequently rely on their intelligence and believe it is okay to study for exams until the last minute.

You have a better chance of passing the exam than those who started their preparation later if you can start preparing for your WAEC as early as a year before you register. Keep in mind that the earlier the better!

2. Establish a study plan.

You need to make a study schedule and have a personal timetable to help with your WAEC exam preparation. This will greatly aid you in maintaining consistency in your preparation.

List all the subjects you will be teaching in WAEC first, and then indicate how much time you will spend studying each one. The amount of time you dedicate to studying each subject should be determined by how important and challenging you find it to be. For instance, civic education should not be given precedence over fundamental subjects like mathematics, biology, and literature. Likewise, you ought to devote more time to subjects that you find challenging, particularly if they are among your core subjects.

Then, as WAEC approaches, you should modify your study plan and timetable to accommodate as many subjects as you can. This makes it possible to thoroughly review everything you have learned about each subject.

3. Concentrate on your studies.

If you don’t study diligently for your WAEC examination, creating a study schedule and personal timetable for yourself will be a waste of time. Avoid thinking you are smart enough to pass the WAEC without putting much effort into your preparation.

Making your study time more enjoyable can help you stay motivated when you’re struggling to sit down and study for your WAEC. For instance, I do take a break after every two hours of reading to make sure I don’t get bored. I would take these brief breaks to move around or, if necessary, nap before returning to my book. Make sure not to let these breaks divert you, though.

4. Preventing distractions while studying

The use of phones and social media while studying is one of the most frequent sources of distraction for students. I’m not suggesting that you should avoid using social media or refrain from using your phone. However, none of these are necessary right now.

It is preferable that you use the hours you spend on your phone to give your brain a break if you are studying for the WAEC. You’ll be in better physical and mental shape to study more if you do this. When your exam is over and you receive good grades, you will feel more at ease using your phone again.

5. Follow the official WAEC syllabus when studying.

You must follow the official WAEC syllabus when studying in order to pass the WAEC. If you’re wondering what the WAEC syllabus is all about, it is a formal document created by the West African Examination Council (WAEC) that outlines all of the subjects (including texts and topics) that will be covered in the upcoming exam and suggests the best preparation tools.

Get Free WAEC Expo Questions and Answers Before The Exam

You will save time and stress by studying using the official WAEC syllabus rather than reading pointless topics and study materials. Additionally, it will help you plan the topics you should study for each subject in order to be prepared for your upcoming exam.

6. Address previous WAEC questions

Solving past questions from WAEC tests before your own exam is one of the little-known secrets to passing the exam. These questions will provide you with the ideal challenge you need to study, as well as some direction on how to go about it.

Some students, however, prefer to read very little and rely solely on answering prior questions, which is utterly FALSE. For you to adequately prepare for your upcoming WASSCE, reading and answering practise questions should go hand in hand.

Remember that WAEC won’t repeat questions unless it’s absolutely necessary. The purpose of answering previous questions is to become familiar with the level of knowledge that WAEC requires on each subject covered in the syllabus.

7. Hold competitions for friends in the same department.

Setting new goals for yourself is one way to keep your motivation for studying up. The most daring way to challenge yourself is to plan quiz sections with your classmates or study partners. Ask your classmates arbitrary WAEC-related questions, and let them do the same. With this approach, learning new information that will assist you in your exam is enjoyable and virtually impossible to forget.

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Make sure you are all in the same department and have comparable subjects before you begin quiz sections with your classmates. Asking your classmate in the art department about organic chemistry, for example, won’t make any sense.

8. Use the proper textbooks.

Avoid wasting the brief time you have left to study for your WAEC by selecting the incorrect textbooks and materials. Avoid being that student who likes to randomly choose ‘advanced textbooks’ from the library to study for WAEC.

The WAEC recommends specific textbooks for the teaching of various subjects in schools. You can prepare for any WAEC exam using the information in these textbooks.

You can check out the “Essential textbook” series for each of the subjects you offer if you’re unsure which textbook to read for WAEC.

9. Maintain concentration both before and during the exam period.

Do your best to avoid anything that might divert your attention from studying, such as family matters, sports, side jobs, girlfriends or boyfriends. I am aware that this may be challenging, but once the WAEC results are announced and your hard work is rewarded, you will thank yourself. You are free to return whenever you want.

You must maintain complete focus when the exam begins in order to keep your mind focused on the task at hand. If you haven’t been studying early in the morning before, I expect you to start doing so this time. On exam days in particular, getting up early to study can help you retain a lot of information in the shortest amount of time.

10. Before answering WAEC questions, read the instructions.

You should read the instructions that are written on top of your question and answer booklets while taking the exam. The explanation for this is that by following these instructions, you will be able to answer the questions and learn about the contents of all the sections that are available. In the instructions, WAEC typically specifies the amount of time and marks it will give for each question.

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Reading the directions and promptly implementing them in your WAEC will relieve a lot of stress. Contrarily, failing to follow instructions, whether out of ignorance or otherwise, can waste a lot of time and even result in penalties. For instance, if the WAEC asks you to respond to only five of ten questions in a section and you choose to respond to all of them, it is likely that you won’t have enough time to respond to the remaining, more crucial questions.

Please be aware that WAEC may provide different instructions for each subject. For example, the guidelines provided by WAEC to respond to “lexis-and-structure” questions in a WAEC English Language exam differ from those in the WAEC Biology practical exam.

11. Clearly respond to inquiries

Candidates for the WAEC are expected to answer questions succinctly and without waffling. By giving candidates only a few lines to respond to each question, they made this clear. There will be no chance for you to make amends once you use up all of the space allotted for a particular question without mentioning the correct response. You should therefore opt for quality over quantity by answering your question in the shortest form possible while still hitting the bullseye.

Keep in mind that if you use up all the spaces in your answer booklet, WAEC won’t give you any extra sheets. That should be sufficient motivation for you to utilise your available space effectively.

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12. Treat practicals with respect

If you teach a subject with a practical component, such as science, you should take it seriously for the following reasons:

Practicals can account for up to 40% of a subject’s overall grade. You can do well on theory/objective exams, but your chances of getting a good grade in that subject are greatly diminished if you perform poorly on the practicals.

How to pass WAEC without reading

If I’m to be honest with you, the only way you can successfully pass WAEC on your own is by reading and studying hard. The only way to pass WAEC without reading, is either by asking your friends or sit-partners for answers in the exam hall, or through Legit Expo Runz from (JAW)

The Best Way to Answer WAEC Questions 2023

Here are some pointers you could use to efficiently and accurately respond to WAEC questions:

1. Quickly scan each question to determine which one you already know.

At the beginning of each exam, quickly scan your question paper and mark the ones you think are simple to answer. This is one of the best ways to answer WAEC questions. In situations where you are not required to provide answers to all of the questions, this will assist you in only attempting the ones you can readily answer.

The ability to identify simple questions that you can use as leverage is another benefit of reading through your questions before the exam. Additionally, it prevents you from wasting time on challenging questions.

2. Respond to the questions you are most familiar with first.

You should attempt the simpler questions first after scanning your exam questions and separating them from the more challenging ones. Once you’ve finished answering them, you can move on to the harder questions.

If you answer simple questions first, you’ll avoid missing out on any marks you might have easily earned in the event that you run out of time to complete all the questions.

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3. Test your knowledge on the questions.

You should attempt the questions you find challenging after responding to the ones you already know the answers to. The key is to never skip a question unless specifically instructed to do so. You might be fortunate enough to receive some credit for your work. And occasionally you can come up with the right response. When added together, all of these minor points significantly raise your final grade.

4. Use the right terms

Before you can receive the full mark for a question, you must use a specific phrase in your answers. For instance, when defining “population” in subjects like geography, economics, biology, etc., you must include the phrase “over a period of time.” No matter how well-written your answer is, your grader won’t give you the full credit if these phrases are missing.

Another illustration of these terms is “Social science,” which Professor Robbins claims should be mentioned when defining economics.

5. Adhere to rules

When responding to some WAEC questions, you must adhere to specific rules. The WAEC English Language exam’s letter-writing section contains an example. You must follow certain guidelines when writing various types of letters. Writing a formal letter differs significantly from writing an informal one.

Diagram drawing in WAEC biology exams is another instance of a question that requires you to adhere to procedures while answering it. You must adhere to a set of rules when drawing your diagram in order to avoid receiving a failing grade. For instance, you shouldn’t shade any of the diagram’s elements or draw with a pen on it. The top of your diagram must also have a title, and so forth.

6. Eliminate spelling errors.

In certain questions and subjects, spelling errors will result in a mark deduction from WAEC. For instance, you will lose 0.2 points if you use incorrect spelling when writing an essay or even an English letter.

In subjects that use scientific terminology, such as botanical names in biology and IUPAC names in chemistry, spelling errors are also penalised with points deducted.

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How are the questions set for WAEC?

According to their official syllabus, WAEC bases their question-setting. This indicates that they will only assign questions on subjects covered by the WAEC syllabus. These queries can then be classified into any of the following groups:

  • Multiple-choice questions with objectives
    Essay: Theory Questions
    Practical (Experimental) questions


What is the official site for WAEC? is the official WAEC website for Nigeria.

WAEC Website To Check Result?

You can go to to check your WAEC result.

Is D7 a good WAEC score?

D7 is not a good grade on the WAEC. The minimum grade you need to pass on the WAEC is C6, so any grade lower than that is not good.

Is E8 a good WAEC score?

E8 is not a good grade on the WAEC. The lowest grade that is considered a pass on the WAEC is C6, so any grade lower than that is not good.

Is F9 a good WAEC score?

F9 is not a good grade on the WAEC. The minimum grade you need to pass on the WAEC is C6, so any grade lower than that is not good.

Can I get into university with an E8 in maths?

NO, you can’t get in with an E8 in maths, because maths is one of the two subjects that all students in Science, Social Science and Art in Nigeria must pass before they can be considered for admission to a university.

But if you try the tips I’ve given you here, you might find a solution.

If you get a D7, E8, or F9 on a required subject like Maths or English in WAEC, the only way to fix it is to apply for a change of course to a better one, sign up for WAEC GCE, sign up for an alternative to WAEC (like NECO or NABTEB) or combine WAEC with another O’ level result.

Is WAEC challenging or easy?

If you don’t study for an exam, it will be difficult, and WAEC is no exception. You need to study effectively and make sure you finish the entire syllabus before the exam if you want to make WAEC easy for yourself.


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